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Home Designs Eptical. Which doctor is best equipped to deal with lichen planus? Can the lichen planus spread to the throat or the esophageal tissue? My gp said that her patient had it in her esophageal tissue. This made me worry even more. Does diet help the symptoms? I'm planning on going on a vegetarian/vegan diet to see if it will help. Any information this awesome support group can give me would be great. generic viagra canada Thank you! best time day take daily viagra Michelle post edited by: loonachic, at: 09/19/2011 01:42 pm reply 10/04/2011 12:29 pm  top oe74 posts: 30new member i was diagnosed last year with dermal lp. After much backing and forthing with my gp i was referred to the dermatologist. On the first visit she took a look at my hands and skin, and diagnosed me. We started with topical creams and ub light therapy. viagra over the counter nyc That helped, a little, but not much. She then prescribed accutane - this is an off label prescription. Within a week my skin started clearing up, but more importantly, i no longer felt like ripping off my skin! I was on accutane for 3-4 months. cheapest viagra jelly I've been off it since march and just recently had another outbreak. Thankfully this outbreak, while itchy, is not as painful or uncomfortable as the first one. I have an appointment next week with my dermatologist, i'll ask to be put back on accutane. viagra without prescription I don't know how it would work for you, all i can tell you is that it truly was a lifesaver for me. O previous discussions i participated in: no one understands how do you deal with it psychologically? Lichen planus 10/04/2011 01:23 pm  top loonachic posts: 2new member hi there. generic viagra without subscription Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you might have found something that works well. order viagra online I have the oral kind, so i'm not sure any of your options will work for me, but it won't hurt to ask i guess, right? cheap viagra online Thanks again! cheapest viagra jelly 01/10/2012 04:38 am  top miniatureet posts: 7new member hi loonachic my oral surgeon was the best person for me. cheapest viagra jelly The problem is, they dont seem to know anything about it!! He told me that they cannot cure it but the following things made it worse: stress (a trigger for me) smoking/drinking spicy foods (my biggest trigger) acidic food (sore once i have a flair up) they can give you some treatments li. Design Ideas Contact Us

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